Top 10 Indian Male Fashion Influencers on YouTube

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Fashion has always been a popular subject and plays a significant role in people’s lives. It determines your personality and how you handle yourself. Men’s fashion has received little attention thus far. Yet, with the rise of social media influencers, men’s fashion has expanded. Social media fashion influencers are altering the meaning of fashion, from hairstyling to accessorizing, and fashion businesses are increasingly attempting to reach out to them for successful collaborations. To keep you up to date on the latest fashion trends, our perspective on some of the most influential Indian male fashion YouTubers who are upping their fashion game.

Top 10 Indian Male Fashion Influencers on YouTube

Karron S Dhingra is the compassionate man behind this incredible channel. A former lawyer turned fashion influencer, Karan has a passion for style and now works full-time in fashion and lifestyle blogging. He is well recognized for his distinctive and contemporary formal styles and is a great hustler.

His YouTube channel has videos on a variety of topics, including hair care advice, product reviews for other guys, skincare regimens, men’s cosmetics, men’s grooming, styling, and luxury menswear. His major goal is to stress subjects like dressing up for dating, various Indian attires, and dos and don’ts when dressing.

Even though he also discusses men’s skincare, you can find answers to any kind of issue on this Indian male fashion influencer’s YouTube channel. 

He won the following accolades: Leading Fashion Influencer 2019, B&B Influencer Award for Best Male Fashion Blogger in Delhi 2019, FashionINSTA of the Year, Best Male Digital Creator Award by @gtownsociety 2020, and Fashion Influencer of the Year 2022.

Ranveer comes in second on the list of top male fashion influencers in India. Everyone nowadays has to follow this fitness and lifestyle influencer. His Fitness-focused YouTube channel is popular amongst his fans and has further expanded his content in the categories of fashion, lifestyle, entrepreneurship, and many more.  You can discover anything on his page, including motivating speeches and fitness advice.

In his most well-known podcast, “The Ranveer Show,” where he discusses a variety of trendy topics like fashion, spirituality, investment in marketing, etc., that will benefit today’s youth in many ways. Additionally, he was recognized by Cosmopolitan India as the “Best Fashion Blogger 2019.”. He uploads videos on colour matching techniques, collegiate fashion, and current fashion trends. He also offers fashion advice for various scenarios.

Do you want to know what influenced him to dress that way? Visit his video to see Ranveer’s discussion of the five fashion tips that changed his life.

The owner ofBe Ghent,” Rishi Arora, is a lifestyle YouTuber who believes in recording every aspect of his life, including the seemingly little ones. A channel for men’s fashion, grooming, and style is this Indian male ashion YouTuber’s feed. 

It is a channel devoted to offering suggestions and counsel for enhancing daily living. Rishi is knowledgeable on everything from different methods to fold your jeans to “how to discern the difference between cheap and high-quality jeans.” Rishi talks about ways to improve one’s body language and confidence as well as current dressing trends. Be Ghent also debuted his new “Rishi Talks Money” series, in which Rishi discusses and covers all matters about money.

He is now one of the top Indian fashion YouTubers due to his sense of style and money management advice. 

Hardik Sharma has a YouTube channel called Style Saiyan. The mission of Style Saiyan is to offer inexpensive men’s fashion, grooming and lifestyle tips.

All facets of fashion are covered in the videos on this Indian fashion YouTuber’s channel. Concerning hairdo, “how to choose appropriate colours depending on your skin tone, economical accessories, and how to produce a rich appearance with not-so-expensive pieces of clothing,” Hardik offers his viewers advice and tactics on all things fashion.

Having a home office and lacking the desire to dress up? Hardik offers advice on how to maintain your style even at home. Additionally, he offers amazing skincare and haircare tips as well as everything you need to appear fashionable. Are you seeking a cheaper perfume substitute? Are you unsure about how to dress for college? Indecisive about what to wear to a wedding? We’re sure that this Indian male fashion YouTuber’s channel will provide you with some fantastic wardrobe inspiration.

Fashion doesn’t need to be pricey. Style Saiyan is living proof of this. Because he focuses on appearing beautiful on a good budget in all of his videos.

He discusses every facet of fashion, from streetwear to formal and casual attire. He also advises men on how to dress according to their physiques. Ten million people have seen his most popular video,5 Clothing Fitting Tricks Every Trendy Guy Should Know.”

Harsh Patil sometimes referred to as “Hunk Harsh,” is one of the prominent names in the Indian male fashion industry.

He began his YouTube career in 2015, and since then, his viewership has grown multifold. This Indian male YouTuber who specializes in men’s fashion and grooming is a master of the genre, especially for young, college-going boys. He is a well-known YouTuber and Influencer who posts videos on topics like men’s grooming, men’s fashion, men’s lifestyle, and men’s cleanliness, skincare and haircare.

His videos focus on topics that are important to most guys, which has helped him amass more than 50 million views.

Do you desire a more attractive appearance? Do you want to give your hair more volume to appear amazing? How To Transform Yourself? This Indian male fashion YouTuber’s channel is your go-to destination!

Sahil Gera, a lifestyle influencer and the creator of The Dynamite Male, publishes videos on his channel that discuss men’s fashion, health, lifestyle, and money.

The YouTube channel of this fashion influencer features videos on a variety of topics, including skincare hacks, content development, video production guidance, and financial insights. It focused on men’s skincare and illuminated the three fundamental stages that newcomers to skincare should take. His regimen, known as “CTM” for “Cleansing, Toning, and Moisturizing,” is tailored to Indian skin problems.

Sahil frequently tries new things because he thinks that he should be the “dynamite version of himself.”

BeYourBest is all about feeling your best, appearing your best, and ultimately becoming your best. BeYourBest is a YouTube channel that was founded by Sanchit Karla. For all Indian men, BYB, or BeYourBest, is a go-to men’s lifestyle and grooming channel. It contains tips on personality development, dressing for success, grooming, and other topics that help you become your best self.

Sanchit loves street fashion for men and is a sneakerhead. His videos are about men’s fashion and lifestyle and are particularly focused on grooming, skincare, hair, beard trimming hacks, and personality development tips. Just by looking at this fashion influencer’s YouTube channel, you can tell he loves shoes. He has a tonne of videos on the best Indian shoe collection, the best sneakers to possess, and sneaker tricks to use.

Along with shoes, he demonstrates how to create several looks using only one pair of pants. This Indian male fashion influencer on YouTube also shows you where to find the best affordable suits for yourself. He is a master in Indian draping and chilly outfits. Everything related to fashion and lifestyle can be found on this Indian men’s fashion YouTuber’s channel.

You can find all you need to know about men’s fashion, grooming, and style on Vaibhav Keswani‘s YouTube channel. You may get information on anything from how to add volume to your hair to date outfit suggestions, cheap street style outfits, cheap college outfits, the most acceptable cheap scents, outerwear, and styling errors to avoid on this Indian fashion YouTuber’s channel. 

Do you wish to add some staple shirts and accessories to your wardrobe? Do you enjoy flaunting your timepieces? Even a video has been made for it by him! Along with suggesting some great outfits and accessories, Vaibhav always offers guidance and identifies any style mistakes that you could make.

His primary objective is to help others become the greatest versions of themselves. To find out what he would have selected for an occasion, go to this YouTuber’s channel. We’re sure you’ll get some eye-opening but budget-friendly advice!

Fashion model, YouTuber, and social media influencer, Abhinav Mathur is from India and goes by the moniker Abix. He is one of the influential and classy Indian faces in the men’s fashion industry. In addition to having a huge number of followers on his own YouTube channel, Abix Vlogs, Abhinav is also recognized for his daily vlog videos.

Abhinav maintains a stylish online persona, and his outfits are must-haves. He mostly posts appealing pictures of himself and videos about fashion. Along with fashion advice, he creates content on hair care. This male fashion influencer mostly publishes vlog videos and essays on fashion. Because he has more Instagram followers than YouTube followers, Abhinav is more well-known on his Instagram handle than on YouTube.

Mitesh Patel is a fashion influencer and Youtuber named Meet Poser. He is a multi-skilled fashion blogger, businessman, and digital marketing guru. As a men’s fashion influencer on YouTube, Mitesh has carved out a market for himself by producing material that appeals to the millennial generation.

He was inspired to successfully transform his passion into a lucrative source of revenue by his professional experience as a fashion influencer. Instead of mindlessly adhering to a brand’s standards, he is one content creator who thinks that every project that comes his way deserves his unique touch.

Additionally, this Indian male fashion influencer as a result of his unique content, which focuses on different brands, outfit details, and apparel that can be worn in different seasons, new fashion trends for men’s lifestyle, and videos on various haircuts.


Because YouTube is a visual medium and has an impact on the audience. We recall things we’ve seen better than those we’ve read or heard about, which means that firms whose advertising appears on YouTube are more likely to remain in the idea of users as compared to still ads. According to a survey, YouTube receives 5 billion hits every day and 53.9 per cent of YouTube viewers are men which signifies the number of male viewers on YouTube. It is thus important for men’s fashion brands to host content on YouTube in order to tap into this large amount of audience base. Male fashion influencers make it easy for brands to create content that is loved by this large portion of the audience and place their products through this medium.

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