Top 10 Indian Male Fashion Influencers Creating Content In Hindi

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In today’s generation of social media, there are many people who not only create content on these platforms but also earn from social media. One of them is Influencers. Influencers are in demand due to so many reasons. People not only find them relatable but also get inspired by their content. Many influencers of different niches get paid for different brand collaborations which helps them to grow more in this field.

The Indian male fashion influencers create content that not only attracts Indian viewers but also people from foreign countries. The audience finds their content so relatable that they also start experimenting with those fits. Fashion Influencers mostly collaborate with brands like clothing, accessories, and more and help local as well as global men’s fashion brands in generating leads and sales. Here’s our pick on the top 10 Indian male fashion influencers who create content in Hindi.

Top 10 Indian Male Fashion Influencers Creating Content In Hindi:

Harsh Patil, an Indian native, is a specialist in men’s fashion, particularly for young college-going students. Everything about men’s lifestyle and grooming is covered in Harsh’s feed, from fashion and styling to cleanliness.

Harsh remarks about whatever you require to increase your self-assurance and enable you to walk with your head held high.

Nikhil is a content creator, full-time stylist, part-time fashion blogger, and musician. He entertains his audience by creating content on trending songs and good transitions. Besides Hindi, this Indian male fashion influencer creates content in English as well, thus striking a balance between his native and non-native followers. 

His amazing content and his dressing style are bound to inspire you! His blog represents the best of his styling projects. If you are someone who is thinking to try some new style then must follow him for a better refreshment in your style.

Karron is a content creator, verified fashion influencer, lawyer by passion, and YouTuber.  His followers are crazy for his videos because he provides content with humour too. He also shares content related to men’s grooming. 

He also won the award for best Fashion Influencer in the year 2019, 2020 & 2022. He got the style and edgy looks for everyday outfit inspiration. From Party wears to formal ones this male fashion influencer in India has got all covered for his viewers. You can learn a lot of things from Karron because of his hard work. He experiments with new styles daily to amaze his viewers with the best.

Shakti is a professional male fashion influencer on Instagram and a content creator. He not only inspires everybody with his fashion sense but also makes people fall in love with his outfits. He edits his videos in such a beautiful manner that one cannot skip his video without seeing them.

He was also a part of a campaign #vivographer by the brand Vivo India which is one of his biggest brand collaborations. Apart from this he also collaborated with many perfume brands, clothing brands, skincare brands, and more.

Manav is a well-known fashion influencer, content creator, and advocate by profession. Most of us also know that he’s also a member of Damnfam which is a group of friends in which everybody is an influencer. He creates his content in such a desi swag that one could not scroll it down without seeing it. He also collaborated with brands like Amazon prime, Shootindia, and more.

Manav also got featured in many music videos in which he has done a very great job and also gained love and support from his viewers. Currently, his maximum uploads on youtube are of his daily vlogs which attract viewers daily. Must follow him if you want to see fashion with a lot more fun stuff.

Men’s fashion, fitness and lifestyle influencer Sahil Gera is a renowned name in the men’s fashion industry. He covers a wide range of subjects, including men’s fashion, fitness, lifestyle, and finances.

Sahil always tries new things because he thinks that becoming the “dynamite expression of himself” is important. 

The Instagram feed of Sahil’s fashion features videos on a variety of topics, including styling advice, grooming hacks, content development, videography advice, and specific financial insights.

You can get all you need for men’s fashion, grooming, and style on Vaibhav Keswani’s Instagram. Everything from date dress inspiration to the greatest affordable fragrances, jackets, and street-style clothes can be found on his feed. You may also learn how to prevent common fashion blunders.

Interested in giving your wardrobe a makeover with some reliable shirts and accessories? Visit this Indian male fashion’s Instagram page to see his selection. We are confident that you will receive beautiful but cost-effective ideas!

Are you unsure about how to wear those flowery shirts? He also has a video devoted to that! Along with some incredible fashion suggestions, Vaibhav also points out potential stylistic errors that you may commit and shares his opinion. For some major styling ideas, visit the Instagram account of this male fashion influencer.

Be Your Best, also known as San Karla, is all about feeling, looking, and ultimately being your best. He is an expert on topics about men’s style and way of life.

You could tell this fashion influencer loves shoes just by looking at his Instagram feed. Along with shoes, he offers other outfit suggestions that just require one pair of pants.

San also demonstrates to you how to choose a suit for yourself at the best possible price. He is a master of fashion, from winter attire to Indian draping. You may get everything connected to fashion and lifestyle on this Indian fashion Instagram account, from wardrobe essentials to trends.

Abhinav is a fashion influencer and content creator.  You cannot take your eyes off his Instagram feed because he has such a well-maintained personality that attracts his viewers.

From casual wear to formal wear he has it all on his feed. This Indian male fashion influencer creates content in both Hindi and English.

 This Instagram fashion influencer from India offers helpful advice on men’s style, grooming, fitness, and lifestyle.

His blogs serve as an in-depth manual for everything related to style and self-care. Additionally, Pawan educates his audience on diets, skincare tricks, and economical ways to obtain better skin. He also dispels certain misunderstandings about men’s grooming and lifestyle, and he offers his frank opinions on a variety of skincare products.

This fashion influencer has produced videos on the newest fashion trends, grooming advice, style guidelines, hair care advice, and skincare advice. The frequent issues that men confront are addressed on this Indian male fashion influencer’s feed, and he motivates us to improve.

Visit this stylish YouTuber’s channel for a comprehensive selection of fashion and self-care advice!


The number of men’s fashion bloggers in India is growing, which is wonderful for us. A few years ago, there were only a few bloggers in India that offered fashion advice and style recommendations for guys.

Regardless of who your favourite is, you should immediately begin following these incredible Indian men’s fashion accounts. Take some style cues from these men and start designing your ideal wardrobe like a pro to appear sharp all the time. It won’t cost you a thing.

Fashion Influencers in India win the hearts of many with their desi swag and different way to wear every clothing. It’s a rising field where one can also start their career. Brands can collaborate with these influencers to reach their target audience.

Being a global fashion influencer marketing agency, we at Confluencr realize the potential of these men fashion influencers on their audience and wish to help our clients collaborate with these influencers. Want to know more about influencer marketing and how it can help your brand? Drop an email at [email protected] and we shall get right back to you!

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