Top 10 Indian Health and Fitness Blogs to follow

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The health and fitness industry has grown rapidly over the last ten years as more people have become conscious of their physical well-being. More than ever, people are looking for information that will help them maintain a healthy lifestyle. A great place to find information on how to live a better life is blogs. Nowadays, social media and the internet make it easy to get fitness information. Fitness bloggers are active on social media to motivate and educate consumers about fitness and health. 

Fitness is gradually becoming a norm of living and has long since ceased to be a choice. No matter if it’s adopting better habits or reaching our yearly body-building targets fitness bloggers help you achieve it all. As more people become conscious of their physical well-being over the past ten years, the health and fitness industry has grown exponentially. More than ever, people are interested in learning things that will help them keep up a healthy lifestyle. Blogs are a great place to get all types of life-improvement ideas. Nowadays, it’s easy to get information on fitness thanks to social media and the internet. 

To motivate and educate people about health and fitness, a sizable number of fitness bloggers are active on social media and here’s our pick on the top 10 best health and fitness blogs that you need to follow!

Top 10 Indian Health and Fitness Blogs

Neha Ghosh is the owner of the fitness, health, and lifestyle blog “Put That Cheese Burger Down.” Through her educational, frank, and inspiring blog entries, she aims to offer a simple yet effective action plan for anyone who aspires to take charge of their lives. Her wellness blogs provide in-depth explanations of why and how a certain treatment or procedure is recommended.

Additionally, she interacts with her viewers and answers hot queries. This blog’s most appealing feature is its educational material, which is presented in a way that makes it simple. It also offers answers to many often asked questions and provides a thorough explanation of why and how a certain treatment or practice is advised. 

Have you ever gone through periods of excessive sobbing, incapacitating panic attacks, or crushing anxiety? Do you just want to feel better physically, intellectually, and emotionally? Neha Ghosh has experienced it, therefore she understands how you feel and has actionable tips for you.

Put That Cheese Burger Down is an effort to offer a straightforward yet practical action plan for those who want to gain control over their lives, particularly their mental health. 

She is here to support you on your difficult road back to joyous life. So, exhale deeply and prepare to go on your trip to wellness with her.

Neha is a writer, health coach, yoga instructor, reiki practitioner, recipe developer, and ardent advocate. She enjoys a healthy diet, regular exercise, and disease-free life. She is one of India’s leading fitness bloggers. She is also a marathon runner, nutritionist, diet therapist, writer, and consulting editor.

The blog DietBurrp focuses on eating well and leading a healthy lifestyle. DietBurrp’s recipe suggestions are consistently excellent, diversified, and considerate of your nutritional requirements. Additionally, the exercises are brief, straightforward, and rapid. With the help of DietBurrp’s tools, you can lose weight rapidly and enjoy a lot of delicious food. 

Healthy eating does not always include bland, uninteresting meals or endless hours spent working out and starving yourself to get your ideal figure. They make an effort to provide you with the most recent information and research in an approachable format. Their nutritious recipes will help you transform bland food into delectable healthy cuisine, and their articles will teach you how to exercise carefully and intelligently. Why starve when you can plan your food, then?

They are aware of your passion for cuisine! Let your diet be your closest buddy when it comes to losing weight, and let your burp be a sign of contentment, delight at being whole, and a sense of excellent health—light yet satisfying and nutritious.

Clinical nutritionist RD. Payal Banka is a registered dietitian with an MBA in hospital and healthcare management. She was a nutritionist at Lilavati Hospital in Mumbai. She then relocated to Ichalkaranji (Kolhapur) to continue serving the residents of her village. 

Payal has always believed in helping people improve their health; as a result, she gave many patients who required advice on food-free dietary services. Additionally, she founded an obesity and diabetes clinic at the Ichalkaranji, Maharashtra-based Niramaya Medical Research Center.

Check out their 306K Subscribers strong YouTube channel.

This top Indian health and fitness blog has been featured in The Economic Times for Six easy make healthy breakfast Ideas and in Bangalore Mirror for One minute Manager  

Something tells us that you are seeking reliable and useful information on fitness, health, and weight loss. Right!

The finest one-stop internet resource for everyone trying to live a better, healthier life has developed into the Indian Weight Loss Blog.

Indian Weight Loss Blog, also known as fitnessvsweightloss, disseminates useful, fact-checked information through a sea of engaging materials that guarantees something for everyone. You’ve come to the correct place if you’re seeking some free diet programs that work and are “doable.” Ah! Just in case you’re interested… They reject fat-shaming. 

This Indian health and fitness blog values being healthy in its purest form, regardless of size or shape. Additionally, the blog offers free weight reduction plans, diet programs, recipes, and fitness challenges in that you can participate. The site also has a section called “recommended” where you can read evaluations and information from medical professionals on various health supplements and components you may use to enhance your everyday living.

Regarding Kanan, In her late 40s, Kanan lost 30 kg, and she did it without any professional assistance! Despite her several age-related health difficulties, she shared her weight reduction experience on IWB as a guest author, and since then there has been no looking back. Kanan thinks that each person’s notion of “perfect” is different and that each person should take each day as it comes. Kanan realized her ambition is to help everyone battling with their weight loss and fitness concerns and this is what keeps her going on fitnessvsweightloss after being frustrated with not finding all the pertinent weight loss help in one spot.

You may browse hundreds of plant-based recipes covering different sorts of courses, diets, and cuisines at The Picky Eater, a site without judgment or diets. Anjali also offers tools, advice, and suggestions on healthy living for parents and children of all ages.

The Indian health and fitness blog offers advice on how to prepare delightful, nutritious meals with basic, healthful items. The site also produces pieces on current events that are important to its audience, such as the 20 healthiest foods for college students.

Although her recipes include nutrition information, she doesn’t view calories as the only factor in eating. Instead, she places a high priority on consuming a lot of plant-based foods. Although she supports a healthy diet, she does not support deprivation. She thinks you can have your cake and eat it too-just in moderation!

Anjali is a self-taught chef, self-taught health coach, wife, mother of two, and self-published cookbook author. She creates all of the recipes for The Picky Eater and looks into the nutritional content of foods sold in supermarkets so that you may choose the healthiest alternatives for your family. 

Picky Eater has been highlighted on several sites, including BuzzFeed, Glamour, The Hingston Post, CNN, etc.

TrendToFit by Srishti Gupta was founded on the principle that everyone should be in shape and live a healthy lifestyle. TrendToFit works arduously to achieve this goal by offering only trustworthy information that is supported by science and Ayurveda. Here, information is continuously updated to help you lead a healthy lifestyle and take charge of your health. “Health is Wealth,” after all.

Because the blog postings are presented in a fairly straightforward manner, it is a great location to learn more about mental and physical health. More significantly, it achieves this with a focus on India specifically. After undergoing heart surgery, Srishti Gupta began this blog. She started it to share her story, raise awareness, and assist others in leading healthier lives. Srishti offers in-depth explanations of workout plans as well as her personal experiences.

After battling ailments caused by a sedentary lifestyle that was readily avoided, Srishti understood the value of good health. She came to see how she could have defended herself if she had paid a bit more attention to her health. She also had some knowledge of how leading healthy lifestyle habits might keep her disease-free and fit. Her goal at TrendToFit is to inform her audience about all the natural and scientific means by which they may maintain a healthy lifestyle and guard against various ailments. is a blog about health and wellbeing also used as a “Hub of Alternative Medicine and Holistic Health.” This alternative offers information and expertise on the natural prevention and treatment of illnesses and problems., which was created in 2011 to promote herbal medicine, has allowed us to carve out a position for ourselves in the field of natural remedies both domestically and globally in a very short amount of time.

The core of this Indian health and fitness blog is a user-friendly design. The blog’s content is wholesome, safe, and useful for treating illnesses, as well as for maintaining and advancing physical fitness. It keeps you informed about preventative measures, health promotion, and herbal medicine. provides information on healthcare as well as information about natural cures. This blog offers trustworthy, user-friendly, and health-friendly information.

Tanvi has a lifelong fascination with the natural world. Her desire to share knowledge on natural health with you is inspired by both her professional work and her enthusiasm for the subject. For the past 20 years, she has collaborated with publications publishing Ayurveda, Yoga, Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha, and Homeopathy topics.

7. FitBeWell by Ashvini Naik

FitBeWell by Ashvini Naik

Self-care is nothing less than a science. To assist you in picturing a fitter, better, and healthier version of yourself, FitbeWell takes you by the hand as well as to all the wonderful parents out there! To be a parent to your child, you must first be a parent to yourself.

Ashvini Naik runs the health, fitness, parenting, and lifestyle blog “FitBeWell.” You may learn about and adopt a healthy lifestyle in really simple ways by reading these Indian health and fitness blogs, which are dedicated to fitness, lifestyle, and parenthood. This site covers a wide range of subjects, including parenting, yoga, women’s health, fitness, and more. The authors also include quick-to-prepare, delicious meals for managing weight.

Former corporate software trainer Ashvini Naik is also a true yoga, weight loss, and fitness lover and a proud mother of a happy little 5-year-old girl. Through her blog, she hopes to inspire readers to become fitter and healthier versions of themselves. Here, she also offers quick-and-easy meals for weight reduction that can be made in a flash. Considering everything she has to give, Ashvini is one of India’s most well-known health and fitness bloggers.

One of the first and most well-known health, lifestyle, beauty, and wellness blogs in India is called “Perfect Skincare for You.” The fitness influencer that runs this site, Swati, first began by sharing home remedies for skin and hair care. From there, the blog developed into a fitness and lifestyle blog with a focus mostly on health. The author also likes to try out new DIY projects with materials found around the house and then share her discoveries with her devoted readers.

One of the earliest Indian blogs devoted to health and beauty, this one was founded in 2009. The site was first created to share homemade skin and hair care solutions, but it has now transformed into a general health and wellness blog.

Swati is passionate about healthy living, simple living, and anything related to skin and hair care. She enjoys making notes about minor health issues, such as how vital it is to sit on the floor and how to keep your back straight. She also enjoys sharing DIYs, skin and hair care tips, and her experiences with hair growth.

9. Wholesome Mamma by Aloka Gambhir

Wholesome Mamma by Aloka Gambhir

Aloka Gambhir is a parenting blogger at Wholesome Mamma as well as a qualified breastfeeding educator and babywearing expert. The Wholesome Mamma blog has had a beneficial influence on several people who are prepared to take control of their health and prefer to rely on their intuition when making decisions about their health, their children’s health, and parenting.

The blog discusses healthy nutrition, exercise, and parenting from an evolutionary standpoint. It talks about how people are supposed to eat, exercise, and raise kids. The author’s main argument is that we have numerous contemporary health issues because we have deviated so far from our inclinations. This blog aims to motivate other Indian parents to trust their intuition and pursue the greatest health and happiness for their families.

She intends to give her children the greatest start possible since they feel that fantastic health begins in the womb and even before!

Amina Jenkins manages the blog which is FindHealthTips. It focuses on health and lifestyle topics as well as fitness and bodybuilding. The blog offers daily health recommendations on fitness, yoga, exercise, beauty, food, weight gain, and other topics. Find Health Recommendations, is one of the best health and fitness-oriented blog in India with all the latest occurrences, news, updates, and health tips.

You may just inquire there if you want an expert opinion on your diet or exercise plan. Some noteworthy blog topics include medicare supplement plans, the benefits of high-quality CBD, sleeping health habits, what to do after an ankle injury, the advantages of cycling and running, everything you need to know about health insurance, weight loss management, the ideal skincare routine, and so on.


The cornerstones of sustaining good health are regular exercise, a healthy diet, and enough sleep. And you can only attain all of these things if you have a balanced and orderly lifestyle. Living a healthy lifestyle keeps you active, healthy, and less prone to illness. You must create and adhere to a plan for a healthy lifestyle if you want to live a longer and more pleasant life. You may read more about this in this section of the India-based health and fitness blog on healthy living. These blogs have substantial expertise on these topics if you’re looking to learn more about a healthy diet, health, lifestyle advice, or fitness advice. Even after contacting a doctor and receiving a diagnosis for your condition, you should still follow medical recommendations. You can still follow these blogs for general information that can help you live a healthy lifestyle.

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