Top 10 Indian Comedy Influencers on YouTube

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YouTube is the world’s largest social media website, where people view videos for enjoyment, education, and other uses. People enjoy watching videos in the entertainment category, which is the most popular on YouTube. In the current times, several new-age influencers are joining the industry to make a mark in the content creation space. We’ve gathered a list of amusing YouTubers in India you should follow for funny stuff from the Internet’s ocean of amusement. From iconic YouTube comedians to realistic at-home videos, here are the Top 10 Indian Comedy Influencers on YouTube you should be following right now for some serious laughs during the rainy, hotter, and colder months.

Top 10 Indian Comedy Influencers on YouTube:

Ashish Chanchlani, the beholder of laughter and inspiration for youthful brains, is well-known for the real-life humour that he chooses to exhibit in his vines.

Ashish has been a fixture in the YouTube comedy video industry for some years. On his channel, the performer has a range of content, including character portrayals. His engaging content regarding everyday events affecting youngsters demonstrates his tremendous brilliance.

His repertoire is so diverse, and his followers are so devoted, that he is frequently asked by Bollywood celebrities to promote their films.

Chanchlani received the Dadasaheb Phalke International Film Festival Award for Best Digital Influencer in 2018. He also received the ‘Best Comedy Influencer’ category at the first World Bloggers Awards, held at the Cannes Film Festival in 2019, and had a cameo in Men In Black: International the same year.

If you use the Internet in any capacity, you’ve already met this guy. His doodles launched him into the major leagues of YouTube. The YouTuber is also a singer, composer, and comedian who got his start on social media on YouTube. He is well known for his comic series ‘BB ki Vines,’ in which he portrays all of the members of a normal middle-class Indian family household and provides brief views of critical social and economic issues. It has captured the hearts of millions, making him one of India’s most prominent social media influencers, and he uses all of the tools at his disposal to produce a fascinating feed.

Bhuvan Bam began making selfie videos out of love. One of his videos became popular, prompting him to launch his own humour YouTube channel. His content is unedited, and he covers everyday lighter subjects, which, in addition to being entertaining, makes it very easy to lose track of time on his page.

He utilizes comedy to make crucial PSAs while simultaneously amusing Instagram followers. From his series ‘Time to be a hero,’ here’s his timely piece about surviving lockdown and social isolation while the Coronavirus wreaked devastation throughout the world.

Zakir Khan is another comic on the list that will make you laugh. An Indian stand-up comedian, writer, and presenter who rose to prominence after winning Comedy Central’s India’s Best Stand Up Comedian competition.

He has also appeared on a comedy show called On Air with AIB. “When I meet a Delhi girl,” one of his most popular videos. He has also served as a judge in the fourth season of “The Great Indian Laughter Challenge” on Amazon Prime.

His ability to connect with the audience and convey relevant circumstances in amusing ways is what drew his followers. He ensures that all of his stand-up gigs include an emotional component.

His stand-up comedy skits may be seen on his YouTube channel, which has over 7.08 million subscribers. Zakir’s comedy perspective focuses on people’s everyday difficulties, which keeps the audience guessing whether they are laughing at him or themselves.

Zakir Khan has quickly become the most sought-after comic in the country, with over 50 sold-out concerts, performances in over 200 locations, and gigs in Singapore and Dubai. He also has his own Amazon Prime special called “Haq Se Single.”

If the term Binod conjures up recollections or maybe a sequence of memes in your mind? You may thank Slayy Point for that! Gautami Kawale and Abhyudaya Mohan of YouTube produced a video last year about the strange remarks they received. The Binod statement stuck out among the others. Their reaction to the statement made the video much funnier. Their video made the internet laugh, and it spawned a slew of memes. 

Gautami and Abhyudaya proceeded to explore, analyze, and research the audience’s likes and dislikes, as well as adapt to their viewers’ expectations. This aided in the development of their social commentary video style. These YouTubers express themselves in their videos and cover them in a blanket of humour. This characteristic aided their ascent and gave them the status of one of YouTube’s most popular comedy duos.

As India reels under the effects of the second wave of COVID-19, Slayy Point collected Rs 50 lakhs by live-streaming an event to support oxygen delivery. On Monday, April 25th, YouTubers Slayy Point and Mythpat, together with OpraahFx, gathered together India’s YouTube audience for a live stream. Slayy Point hosted the seven-hour-long YouTube live stream on Mythpat‘s YouTube channel, which was attended by YouTube influencers such as Techno Gamerz, Kusha Kapila, Technical Guruji, Salonayy, Total Gaming, Ashish Chanchlani, Mythpat, Carry Minati, Viraj Ghelani, Abish Mathew, Ankush Bahuguna, BeYouNick, Tanmay Bhat, and Ranveer Allahbadia. The influencers were spotted playing online games and chatting with the audience during the live stream to generate donations.

Prajakta Koli, often known as MostlySane, is one of India’s most famous YouTubers right now. She started her channel in 2015 after being seen by Sudeep Lahiri of One Digital Entertainment, who supported her and requested her to start creating videos.

She is well-known for her lifestyle and leisure material, as well as her relatable comedy skits. MostlySane uses the characteristics of her traditionally Indian parents to inject humour into daily situations. Koli is currently one of the country’s most popular YouTubers and vloggers. She has been likened to the massively successful Indo-Canadian Youtuber Superwoman, as well as known as Lilly Singh, with whom she has also collaborated. MostlySane is a breath of fresh air, and if you’re not subscribing here, you’re losing out on a lot of fun!

She was named the 2017 ‘Viral Queen’ at the Indian Wiki Media Digital Awards.

Prajakta was named the Indian Ambassador for YouTube’s worldwide project, ‘Creators For Change,’ which addresses issues such as hate speech, xenophobia, and extremism.

She has also worked with celebrities from Bollywood such as Kareena Kapoor Khan, Vicky Kaushal, and Nawazuddin Siddiqui. Prajakta Koli was named on Forbes’ 30 Under 30 list in 2019, as well as several other prestigious publications. In 2020, she published “Khayali Pulao,” a short film promoting women’s empowerment. He also appeared in Netflix’s original series “Mismatched.”

In 2014, a young man from Mumbai’s Dombivli emerged onto the fast-expanding YouTube comedy scene. Nick began filming films about things he spotted around him, things that go overlooked yet are immensely entertaining, despite coming from a very modest background.

Consider his sketch on college bunking or the job interview series. Not only are these hilarious and relevant, but they are also among his most popular videos. Years later, Nikunj Lotia has made a brand for himself — Be YouNick — based on his YouTube channel, and he is known among his legions of admirers, which include various celebrities.

On his YouTube channel, this artist has established a fortune by giving daily realistic circumstances a comic spin. His most well-known series,That ONE friend...”, covers types of friends, and it is well-deserved due to the amount of care and energy that goes into each film.

Tanmay needs no introduction because everyone knows him for his incredible sense of humour and smart material. Tanmay Bhat is a stand-up comedian, playwright, performer, and producer from India. He also judged Comicstaan, a stand-up comedy competition that aired on Amazon Prime Videos. Tanmay now has his second Gold Playbutton. It demonstrates that they are a creative force with a strong desire to amuse their followers and supporters.

He uploads vlogs, comedic skits, and video essays to his YouTube channel. Along with other comedians and YouTubers, he also broadcasts games such as PUBG and Horror games. You need to watch his series of TikTok Reviews and Pitai Reviews. He also has a YouTube channel called Honestly by Tanmay Bhat, where he posts videos on podcasts, personal finance, comedic writing, and chess live streams, among other things.

Tanmay has had a diverse variety of creative endeavours. He co-founded the design firm All India Bakchod (AIB). Tanmay made his Netflix India debut in 2020 with the series Tanmay Reacts. He’s done it all penning the genre-bending Cred advertisements to scripting countless TV award presentations, including Filmfare.

He had to watch CarryMinati‘s broadcast, and then he worked with him, and his channel received massive increases. 

Furthermore, you will laugh every time you view an upload on Ttanmay’s YouTube Channel !

Abhishek Upmanyu is one of Delhi’s brightest emerging talents who will have you laughing until the finish. 

Abhishek Upmanyu, a chemical engineer by training, worked as a research analyst before joining ‘On Air with AIB‘ as a writer and then went on to make waves with his hilarious stand-up acts like Friends, Crime, & The Cosmos, Delhi, Mumbai, & Rich People, and Breakup, Respecting Elders, & Discrimination.

His comic performances ‘Thoda Saaf Bol‘ and ‘Jealous of Sabjiwala‘ were both tremendous successes. He has a large fan base across all social media platforms. He is quite active on Instagram and other social media platforms. His amazing personality and content astound the audience.

Abhishek is a dedicated worker who began his adventure in 2017 with his first YouTube videos and is now visible on Instagram Reels and YouTube. On November 3, 2020, he also posted his first Instagram reel video, captioned as “Some people have terrible lives, and other people are cats.”.

Captain Nick is a humorous YouTube channel created by Niharicka Singh. She has almost 2.31 million followers across all media. Niharicka studied journalism and aspired to be a radio host. However, she was unable to find work. She interned at an FM station in 2016 for the Indian radio station Radiocity 91.1 FM, where she worked on the show Kasa Kai Mumbai. She produced some amusing lip-sync videos using the app Dubsmash for fun. Her videos are quickly loved and relatable due to the highly creative drawing of her comic characters.

Niharicka Singh aka Captain Nick has a lot to say about her career, from studying journalism to providing sprinkles of fun to our daily lives by making entertainment on YouTube. She decided to give it a chance and launched a YouTube channel named Captain Nick. Despite her lack of familiarity with the world of YouTube, it was her friends who introduced her to the platform that quickly became her home.

Her most popular YouTube video is “Thoughts Of A Bride During Her Bridal Makeup.” She has also launched her new Spotify podcast, “Pajama Party.”

Satish Ray is an Indian comedian and YouTube influencer best known for his role as Imaandar Sharma in TVF’s Imaandar Interview. In his YouTube comedy and series, he also portrays Babban Bhola and Pappu Positive. The character drawings by Satish Ray are not to be missed.

He began his career as a writer on the prominent youth entertainment channel The Viral Fever, and he has never failed to provide amazing content while confusing his followers.

Meaningful content has now taken over the globe, with no end in sight. Popular platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, and others provide content producers with the reach they deserve, allowing them to expose their hidden talents and brush up on their abilities. Sketches are one of the most relevant types of entertainment, and Youtuber Satish Ray utilizes them to promote vital ideas and make people laugh.

He has the ideal punch lines and can be watched over and over. All of the roles he’s portrayed, from Imaandar Sharma to Alpha Pandey, have provided audiences with much-needed laughs while also conveying significant societal themes. Satish Ray’s material stands out from the crowd because of a great blend of a fantastic story, gorgeous character, outstanding acting talents, and amazing editing skills.

Satish is on the verge of reaching 1 million YouTube followers from all around the world, with views that nearly double his subscriber total.


It’s difficult to keep motivated right now. With everything going on around us, our morale has to be constantly boosted. Even a tiny small piece of encouragement is welcomed these days, and we appreciate how Indian Comics is assisting us in navigating the situation. They make us laugh, share our joy, and provide a helping hand when we need it. Even a fleeting glance of them on their feed is a welcome sight. Take a look at those humorous folks and subscribe to them to help you relax and add some much-needed amusement to your routine.

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