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Surging in popularity since 2016, now, TikTok is the highest downloaded app worldwide, surpassing Facebook, Instagram and Youtube. 

Taking off as a fastest growing platform, the TikTok influencer marketing strategies are bursting up. It is a video platform that has taken the social media landscape by the storm. With its numerous advanced features like the addition of audio, effects, customised songs, filter, etc. TikTok has become a popular destination for creative minds as well as giving a chance to anyone to become the creator. 

Researchers say that with the popularity of TikTok among the users, it reaches more than 500 million active users worldwide. Thus making this a platform prominent for the Influencer Marketing strategies for both brands and the influencers.

TikTok has grown to be one of the hottest social media platforms because of its features and functionalities. In comparison with other top social media platforms, let’s take a look at how it is performing. 

TikTok and Instagram

Known to be the social media’s darling, Instagram is for static posts, stories, short videos or the diary styled captions. But TikTok affords creativity through the filters, challenges, audio-visual effects and other entertaining content. This makes TikTok an endless stream of quirky content that is addictive. In this, the community is more engaged by the interactions and more supportive than Instagram. 

TikTok and YouTube

Being the 2nd largest search engine after Google, YouTube has positioned itself as the leading video content platform. But, YouTube does not provide the short video clips arena, which TikTok has taken care of. In comparison to YouTube, users in TikTok have more ways of creating video content in the multitude formats along with the elimination of intensive production.

TikTok and Facebook

Also termed as the granddad of social media, Facebook has revolutionized itself from a networking tool to newsfeed, advertising and the multifunctional platform, which has made social media a powerful giant. But with TikTok’s simplicity and virality, it has taken an upend success route along with vast reach and engagement from the younger crowds. 

Now establishing how TikTok is taking the high road in comparison to other top social media platforms, we can say that it can be a growing influencer marketing platform that will be an effective strategy for brands and influencers. 

The TikTok marketing landscape is new and still booming, but some brands have successfully tapped into the potential opportunities of the platform. Some of the top strategies leveraged are:

  • Via TikTok, immediate attention can be gained when users open the app by its brand takeover ads. The goal is to lure the user towards the CTA and visit the landing page. 
  • By blending the in-feed ads with short videos, the result works on three actions, CPC (Cost per Click), CPM (Cost per Impression) and CPV (Cost per 6sec View). 
  • Leveraging on the challenge culture by TikTok hashtag challenge ads that are put in the ad formats. This technique promotes the branded hashtags to encourage engagement by more participation. 
  • Investing in the TikTok influencer marketing ads is a way to get optimum results. This enables brands to partner with the creators and promotes their ads with the content of the influencer. 

Marketing on TikTok is a new idea, but many brands have incorporated the influencer marketing strategy successfully. Also, marketers are trying to outsmart the app’s algorithm in order to maximise the reach. Being the everyday entertainer for a large number of people, brands too are injecting their product into everyday life content. Putting more pedal towards taking advantage of the influencer campaign on TikTok.

How the Algorithm functions for TikTok??

Known for the short content, TikTok can provide efficient promotion even in 15 seconds. Here, it is easier for the video to become viral due to its intensive algorithm. The video quality is evaluated through the machine learning algorithm, like any other platform. Here is the process of how the video becomes viral and what can a brand look for to do so:

  • The video when uploaded is shown to a small number of people amongst the popular content, to prevent them from getting bored. 
  • Then the engagement such as views, likes, comments, shares, downloads, etc. is measured. These factors determine and trigger the algorithm to increase or decrease the reach of video to a larger audience. 
  • The velocity of engagement is what pushes the algorithm to a wider range. 
  • Hashtags too play an important role in motoring the reach of the content. With 140 character limit, inject effective hashtags in videos and descriptions. 

Though the promotional content is 15 seconds long, it must contain the CTA’s in such a way that people are intrigued and tend to do engagement activity on it.

The platform can be leveraged well if the targeted audience is a younger demographic, as statistically, 60% of the monthly users are between the age group 16-24 years. The marketer must closely monitor the app performance as it has proven substantial growth in the global markets. 

When using TikTok for the influencer marketing campaigns, begin with building the presence and community around the brand. Know the app and what works the best to plan out your strategies and also build relations with the influencers. Since TikTok has the quirky nature and the culture of irrelevance and amateur content, evaluate if the platform is a good fit for the marketing strategy of your brand. With more consumers being sceptical of ads nowaday, the unedited and live content of TikTok aids to build trust, authenticity and a relationship with the brand.

A tip for brands and marketers- 

Take advantage of this opportunity to connect with the audience on TikTok in new, fun and engaging ways.

Its ability to monetize is yet to launch for the influencers, but the platform has begun to endorse various brands through the influencers. It is a smart move for the brands and the influencers to take advantage of the free platform that offers a vast arena of opportunities. 

TikTok being in the middle of the aggressive phase of growth, it is a smart move to add TikTok into the marketing strategy as there are not many ads and branded content active on TikTok yet, it is likely that the influencer marketing campaign has a greater impact. To know more visit Confluencr.

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