Word of Mouth Marketing at Scale

Get hundreds of micro-influencers to talk about your products on social media

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Increase eCommerce Sales by 15% On Average

Leverage product reviews on online and offline marketing channels such as your website, social ads, email marketing campaigns, mobile apps and in-store live displays.

Authenticity Is The Buzzword Of This Decade 

Use the imperfections of real Product Reviews  to inspire your customers. There are not so many people that are perfect as you sometimes show via the expensive product shoots, but these crowd-sourced product review images are far more credible.

Build A Powerful Brand Through The right Association

Brands are built through associations, and by associating with the right influencers you can position your brand in the way you want your consumers to perceive it.

Micro Influencers Are The Seal Of Approval

Gone are the days when the consumer purchased beauty items inspired by leading actresses. Today the end consumer is looking for relatability; the girl next door can sell a soap far better than an actress. 

Improve Customer Journey On Your Website

Use the product review content on your website home page, social gallery, product and category pages to create a more compelling digital shopping experience.

How It Works

We have ensured that as a brand this is a seamless and a hassle-free experience for you!

We create content strategy to highlight your unique brand and product story
Basis your goals we identify the right influencer mix for the campaign
Influencers make engaging content and go live on their channels

We share the analytics and campaign reports of the goals achieved

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