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It’s true – being an influencer is not simple. That’s why we help you create content that keeps you at the top of your game, in the platform of your choice.

Health Brand - Paid Collaboration

It's a new brand creating health food which are tasty, healthy and convenient. It's for fitness freaks, and regular people who have no time to cook healthy meals, or are watching their weight.

Make-up Brand - Barter Collaboration

It's a new brand creating brushes that help apply Make-up and are easy to use. It's for females who love Make-up and Skin-Care and are more into a Lifestyle with Beauty and Fashion.

Sexual wellness & Haircare Brand - Paid Collaboration

It's a new brand creating Hair and Sexual products which are convenient and easy to use. It's for Couples for their Sexual Wellness and also for people who believe in Lifestyle with Fashion and Beauty.

Children Clothing Brand - Paid Collaboration

It’s a new brand creating clothing for your child which is super soft and comfortable. It’s for Mothers and Parents who have small Kids aged till 8 years who love to wear cool and trendy clothes.

Personalised Gifting Brand- Paid Collaboration

It’s a new brand creating personalised gifting products for your loved ones that are memorable and uniquely crafted. It’s for people who love to make their moments memorable by crafting them in Canvas.

Luxury Bags Brand - Paid Collaboration

It’s a new brand creating bags that are super stylish and attractive and convenient. It’s for females who love to have bags for different occasions and according to the mood.

Pet Brand- Paid Collaboration

It’s a new brand creating products for pets that are super healthy and convenient. It’s for people who love their pets and are concerned more for their well-being. Their offer a good pet product range and video consultations for the pet parents.

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How to get on-boarded with Confluencr?

Apply to relevant campaigns that suit your profile and audience.

Our campaign team will scan your applications to check if you're a right match.

If you're shortlisted, we'll quickly send you the details to get started.

If you aren't, we'll be keeping you posted about future collaborations.

straight From the Horse's mouth

I've been working with Confluencr for a while now. The best part about the agency is that they don't easily pick / get in touch with any YouTuber. Until and unless the brand can easily blend in your content they won't get in touch and waste your valuable time. It has been a pleasure over all!

Confluencr - Sahibnoor Singh
Sahibnoor Singh
Working with Confluencr team is a damn cool process. They are super friendly yet professional about the work. They have a way of being cordial and give the real feedback on your content. I've worked with them on some impressive brands and it has been a cakewalk because of their guidance in letting me know EXACTLY what the brand wants.

Confluencr - Nabeel Afridi
Nabeel Afridi
I have been working with Cofluencer team for a while now. They are super professional yet friendly and that's the most amazing part about this team. They are super smart in getting us the best deal. They provide us the best informative gist of what exactly the brand wants hence there is no mess up during the approvals. I am looking forward to work with them in future collaborations too.
Confluencr Sameeksha Takke
Sameeksha Takke

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Frequently Asked Questions

Apart from the million dollar question, these are some of the most encountered questions budding influencers often have to get them going.

Yes, the help will be in terms of content creation, captions, and focus on rising your engagement.

Our private Facebook community ( is updated with new opportunities in collaboration.

Of course! We would love to be a part of your journey. For tips and tricks to rise as a content creator you can join our Facebook community (

It is subjective to the brand but mostly consists of Cash, Voucher Coupons, or Products.

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