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Oceanature Luxe Eco Resort, rooted in eco-friendly principles, has been crafted by reinventing the legendary Sagar Cottage into a new avatar while preserving its original charm. With a blend of creative touches and leisurely elements, each room uniquely amalgamates old-school charm with contemporary flair. The resort beckons nature lovers, peace-seekers, bliss-makers, wanderlusts, romantics, and dreamers to experience its sustainable and rejuvenating coastal haven.

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Influencer Profiling

We had chosen a group of travel content creators who enjoyed exploring new places in Mumbai. We arranged a trip for them to visit a resort in Alibagh, showcasing the beautiful ambiance and amazing amenities available. Through their reels on social media, they virtually transported their audience to the resort.


Our careful selection of micro creators was driven by their unique ability to foster genuine connections with their smaller audience, instilling a sense of trust and relatability. By entrusting them to showcase the resort in Alibagh, our aim was to pique curiosity and position the destination as an undiscovered gem.


There has been a growing trend on Instagram where content creators explore various new places, including eateries, stays, and other activities. This trend is particularly popular among people in cities like Mumbai, Bangalore, and other metro cities, providing them with ideas for weekend activities or leisure time. Recognizing this trend, we selected Instagram Reels as the ideal platform to capitalize on this form of content.

Content Frequency 

We decided to take one influencer live every week on a weekday. This choice was not only strategic for optimal reel posting but also allowed the video sufficient time to garner traction and potentially go viral by the end of the week. This scheduling aimed to enable interested viewers to plan and explore the highlighted content over the weekend.

Content Style  

There were three different themes planned out for the content which were “hidden gem in Mumbai”, “This is not Goa” and the other being valentine’s day but the core focus on the style of content and the emotion we demanded from the audience being the same, which is an explorative reel which showcases the beauty of the resort and evokes a sense of FOMO from the audience.

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