Jhama Sweets – Case Study

Jhama Sweets Case Study

Continuing the Saga of Never-Ending Sweetness!

Jhama Sweets, Mumbai’s fondest Indian sweets brand, was established in 1950s by the late Mr. Jhamamal Lulla. Jhama Sweets stands strong on the pillars of hard work and eagerness of delivering “never ending sweetness”. It has stood the test of time through generations of providing the best quality sweets to their customers. This journey began as a post partition refugee living in Chembur Camp who set up shop to earn a living to support his family. It’s been more than 50 years, and his rendition of Gulab Jamuns and Sev Barfi still continue to serve joy to all our customers that come to us from far and wide.

jhama sweets case study

Content Map

Holi is a festival of colours. We curated this campaign around this festival, creating brand awareness and showcasing all the different varieties of products, vibrantly displaying their colours. Everyone loves the taste of sweets, from kids to elders alike. We wanted to bring this brand forward in a way which displayed that there is a sweet for each one of you, based on your specific preference, may it be the timely classic Gulab Jamun or the famed Sindhi Delight Sev Barfi!

The Creators

We engaged with Micro Influencers and food bloggers to take this campaign live. Food bloggers have an innate skill of giving their best review off any type of sweet and they are always curious to try out new things. Getting them on-board made the brand visible to the specific audience that would engage with the content we curated on the upcoming festival of Holi and as the festival came by, it would create a positive brand image. This in turn led to increase in sales and amplifying the brand’s long-standing reputation in the market.

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Some Of The Videos

So many different varieties of sweets. I had a hard time choosing from them!

All my favourites available in the same store. As someone with a sweet tooth, I sure do love it!

Amazing quality of the sweets. Absolutely worth the money!

They don’t compromise on the taste at all! Easily the best sweet dishes I have had in a while!

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