IncNut – Case Study

IncNut Case Study

Nutcracker in the field of everything Digital! – IncNut

IncNut Digital is a globally-renowned media & commerce company with a vision to revolutionize beauty with content-driven, customized commerce. It encompasses StyleCraze, MomJunction, SkinKraft, Vedix as the brands they have created from scratch, leading in ground-breaking innovation in every aspect of business.

incnut influencer marketing case study

Content Map

SkinKraft & Vedix were the main focus for this campaign. We specifically chose to focus on keeping the campaign content-centric in line to the vision of the brand. It was mainly directed on trying to find real life uses of the products by the brand and how they are actually helpful for the people who use them.

The Creators

We collaborated with lifestyle influencers since the brands on display promoted lifestyle products which were actually tested by the influencers before speaking about them. They loved working with the brands because of the sheer quality of the products and how they could create something really innovative for the brand.

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Some Of The Videos

The best skincare brand I have used. Loved the overall feel of it!

The products left me refreshed and rejuvenated!

The natural touch in every product is something that brings me to them!

Scientific and natural, the perfect combination!

Reach the right people, the right way!

Our handcrafted Confluencr Marketing campaigns capture the essence of your brand and represent it most accurately to your target audience to deliver measurable impact.

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