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Groww – the fintech app, launched its book Discovering India: Through the eyes of Groww. It showcases the transition from traditional savings methods to modern financial instruments, highlighting the increasing financial literacy among various demographics, including the youth and women. The book presents real stories from across the country, reflecting the significant shift towards embracing banking, Demat accounts, and informed investment choices. It aims to inspire readers by illustrating India’s journey towards financial empowerment and suggests ways to participate in this transformative era. This context sets the stage for a campaign focused on financial education, inclusivity, and the democratization of investment opportunities.

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Influencer Profiling

Working with these influencers, who specialize in book blogging and infotainment, offers a targeted approach to reach audiences interested in literature, personal finance, and investment. Their platforms provide an ideal space to share insights, reviews, and stories from “Discovering India: Through the Eyes of Groww,” resonating with readers keen on understanding India’s financial transformation. This collaboration enhanced visibility, foster engagement, and encourage discussions about financial literacy and investment practices among a community that values informed content, thereby extending the book’s reach to those most likely to appreciate and benefit from its narratives and insights.


The influencers’ reach, ranging from 4K to 150K+ accounts, showcased a mix of micro and macro influencers. This diversity ensures both deep, engaged interactions and broad visibility. Micro influencers often bring higher engagement rates and niche targeting, making their recommendations highly trusted. Macro influencers extend the campaign’s reach to a larger audience, increasing overall awareness. This balanced approach maximizes impact, leveraging the strengths of different influencer sizes to promote the book effectively across varied audience segments.


Choosing Instagram as a platform for promoting the book leverages its visual and storytelling capabilities to connect with a diverse, engaged audience interested in books, finance, and personal development. Instagram’s format allows for creative content presentation, including book visuals, short reviews, and interactive stories, making it an ideal space to highlight key insights and stories from the book. It’s a strategic choice to foster community discussions, increase book visibility, and reach potential readers who value rich, informative content in a visually appealing format.

Content Frequency 

Posting influencer videos consecutively before the book launch helped build anticipation among the reading community. This sequential release created a sense of excitement, with each influencer contributing to the overall buzz leading up to the launch. Each influencer’s audience was exposed to the book promotion, and the consecutive nature of the posts increased the likelihood of organic sharing and discussion within the reading and finance community.

Content Style  

Utilizing varied content formats across Instagram, GoodReads, and Amazon for promoting the book ensured broad awareness and engagement. Reviews and reels on Instagram cater to visual and dynamic content consumers, fostering shareability and engagement through comments and likes. GoodReads reviews reach dedicated readers looking for their next read, emphasizing the book’s credibility and appeal. Amazon reviews directly influence potential buyers at the point of decision, enhancing visibility and trust. Stories offer a more personal, behind-the-scenes look, creating a direct connection with followers and driving urgency with their temporary nature. This multifaceted strategy amplifies reach across platforms where target audiences actively seek book recommendations and make purchase decisions.

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