DermDoc Case Study

Skincare Science with DermDoc

Skin care is a nuanced and intricate procedure where you need to know what is good and what is not for your skin before applying a particular product. DermDoc is a brand which understands that and specially curates its products that hydrate, enrich and nourish. The brand believes in cruelty-free cosmetic products. They are committed to animal well-being, which shows that they won’t cut any corners when it comes to their products as well. Customer safety comes first.

skin care influencer marketing case study

Content Map

The primary focus of the campaign was to increate brand awareness while simultaneously highlighting the 4 face-ranging products from the brand. The target audience for this campaign were working women and home makers in tier one cities. Having this clear sight of our goal helped us make this campaign very efficient. Keeping this in mind we curated integrated content that seamlessly fit in with the influencers and felt natural.

The Creators

We made brand integrations with creators from lifestyle, vlogs, moms, fashion, makeup and beauty influencer niches. These influencers showcased the concern of the brand for their customers in the same way that they do for the people they have in their lives. They conveyed the message from the brand how they care about their customers and wouldn’t do anything to compromise it.

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Some Of The Videos

Scientifically and clinically proven! DermDoc qualifies all my requirements in a skincare brand!

DermDoc makes products that are cruelty-free. Another great reason to use their products!

I have been using DermDoc for a while now and I have been loving the result they show me.

DermDoc understands what we customers need in a product. That is what makes it so great!

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